- Not just a cabin but a mountain retreat-

The boys went fishing and caught trout- we always grill the fish and eat it on Saturday for lunch- it was just as good as the last time they caught trout!!!

Then we went to the NC BBQ festival down in Maggie- it was so much fun for the kids- they jumped in an inflatable house, got some balloons, danced to some music...

And then the hikes- went on two this weekend which was shocking since one was 2 hours and the other was 2,5 hours. But the kids loved it. And the weather was perfect. And the views- check out the views for yourselves!!!

Can not wait for the next weekend we will be up there- I hope it starts tomorrow (oh, wait tomorrow is Tuesday:)
We just came back from Maggie yesterday. Somehow this weekend was a slow weekend and the cabin was not rented so we used the opportunity and went up. What did we do???- watched humming birds, picked blackberries, fished and ate trout, went "creeking", went on two amazing hikes, climbed Hamphill Bald, went to a BBQ festival- yep, sound s about right- all in one weekend!!!

The humming birds- we have placed a feeder on our porch and it is amazing to just sit back and watch them fly by.

The blackberries- they are all around the house. The kids and I went blackberries picking and ate them off the branch, with yogurt, made some jelly- it was great. They will be in season the next month so come and enjoy!!!