- Not just a cabin but a mountain retreat-

The summer is still here!!!

It is August and it feels like August!!! The trees are still green, the hummingbirds are still around even if Labor Day is just around the corner.

Had a great weekend with friends filled with laughter, games and pure joy!!!

Not a very successful weekend  in terms of fishing but the hiking and the horse riding made up for it.

On Friday night we first stopped at Butts On the Creek and the food was as great as always (I love the ribs)!!!

Saturday morning the boys went fishing (no luck!!!) and we went horse back riding.  The love the kids have with the horses is unbelievable... It always makes them so happy!!! And the guys at Ranch are great and always so accommodating.

The hike afterwards - waterfalls, crossing creeks, watching wildlife.

And then on Sunday again!!!

Somehow the weekend ends up so quickly... And the fall will soon be here...