- Not just a cabin but a mountain retreat-


Labor Day weekend came and went away. We spent it again in our favorite place- Maggie Valley.

This time though we went to visit the elk. The elk are in Cataloochee Valley- probably 45 min away from our house.

They were reintroduced to the Smokies in 2001 and now are roaming freely in the fields!!!

Every day is a great time to go and see these magestic animals but late August through October is the most interesting time.

It is their mating season and the males come down from the mountains and mingle with the females and the juniors in the fields.

The elk come out when the sun starts going down. Do not expect to see them in the hot weather- plan to be at the park around 5- 5:30pm.

However, there are a number of preserved historic houses that you can go check out.

There is a great creek running by the road which provided hours of entertainment for the kids. So, you might want to plan a whole day up there...